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November 25 2014


Our World has many dimensions in spite of we cannot perceive all them. In the same manner a number of animals are able to perceive just one or two dimensions. The simple fact of not viewing all dimensions doesn´t signifies that they are not present and does not affect us all. Astral travelling is a process that allow us enter in another dimension with conscience awaken. This particular plane is named "world of dreams", astral plane, astral world or astral dimension.

Our individual consciousness has several capacities that are not awaken but they can be. One of these is the capability to get out with consciousness from the flesh and blood body and make astral projection.

 You'll find those who are frightened of astral projection and the reason behind this is lack of knowledge of the process. Every day we do it, but we do not perceive. With the respective methods and training everyone can get it done.

Our dreams take place in the astral dimension. Astral travel also occur in this dimension. The only difference between them is awareness. In the first one we are percipient, in the 2nd one we are not. Discover astral project is turn to aware what we usually do unconscious. The doorway of astral exploration opens up when we finally learn A.P.

Mostly of us wander through that dimension with sleeping consciousness, carrying out the same activities and behaving as we do in your everyday living. Moreover, our subconscious part is going to project in this dimension its wishes, its fears, or anything might wish to revive, hence our dreams. This means for all of us a missed chance considering that the astral dimension is really a place in which real knowledge might be learnt. In some cases, we are mindful enough so we recognize that we are dreaming, or perhaps our dreams are truly vivid and realistic. Then we could talk about this as lucid dreaming.

Astral projection is in reality a advancement from lucid dreaming. Astral projection or astral travel signifies that we move throughout the astral dimension at will. When we learn to abandon the physical body at will and go into the astral dimension consciously, we can speak face-to-face with humanity guides, masters who will give us very particular teachings. In that dimension we can see the future and the past.

Astral projection methods can be really simple and accessible to any person independent of their history or prior preparation. It is required attention, steadiness and good will.

Due to the worth in every single person finding out how to astral project the Alcion Association is sending totally free of charge the book titled Hercolubus or Red Planet. In this book you'll find out good astral travel techniques and you'll be informed about the profound changes that will happen on Earth. 

In this video you will know how to get your FREE BOOK about Astral Projection. Astral projection or astral travel has been a very important way to obtain information over human history. Great masters, ancient philosophers, esotericists, sages and wise people of all ages and civilizations used to learn in the astral dimension whilst their own physical bodies were sleeping in bed.

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